Marwan Kassab Bashi


With its vaulted ceilings, reminiscent of the Ummayad architecture style of Qusayr Amra, and with retrieved archeological artifacts enchanting the learning environment, the Darat Al Funun specialized library is endowed with an impressive selection of reference publication.

The collection, in both Arabic and English, includes carefully selected books ranging from the ancient to the contemporary arts, dealing with the history of art, artistic movements, and art techniques from Islamic and western worlds, as well as the worlds of Asia, Africa and Latin America. It can be considered as a main focus for the specialized researcher, the art student, and the interested visitor.

There is constant in-flow of new and major references, which enables the interested user of the library to delve deeper into the practical and theoretical aspects of the history of art. Periodicals and art journals, to which the library subscribes, as well as catalogues from major museums, keep readers up-to-date with developments in the art world. The public has access also to a comprehensive series of art films, presented weekly with discussions under the theme of "Thursday Art Meeting", in which the experiences of artists are reviewed, transcending the barriers of time epochs.

The library has a website on the internet since 1997, with pages for the seventy Arab artists who have regularly participated in its permanent exhibition. It also provides artists as well as the general public with the opportunity to visit the various museums of the world, and familiarize themselves with the contents and artifacts hosted in such locations.

The library further houses a computer database on Arab artists which, together with a collection of slides, videotapes, brochures and books which document Darat Al Funun 's own public events and exhibitions, from a basis for a future research center on Arab art and artists.

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