Culture and Art

Abdul Mohsen Qattan Foundation
A.M. Foundation offers support and encouragement to several individuals, institutions and projects in a number of educational and cultural domains throughout the Arab world.

Al Mamal Foundation
a non-profit organization - aims to promote, instigate, disseminate and make art. we serve as an advocate for contemporary art and a catalyst for the realization of art projects.

Art School Palestine
ArtSchool Palestine is a website connecting artists to each other in order to stimulate critical debate, grow networks, showcase work to an international audience and disseminate information about opportunities. It is a forum that will project contemporary art activity happening in Palestine and its Diaspora to an international audience.

The Mediterranean cultures site.

Espace SD
Espace SD is a "polyvalent artistic space", the vocation of which is to be the live and dynamic reflection of the Lebanese artistic scene by presenting local artists in varied domains like plastic arts, design, fashion, music, audio-visual and literature.

Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center

Lebanon Art
Virtual art gallery. Home of Joseph Matar and Lebanese artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians and poets.

Occupied Space - Art for Palestine

A group of young Palestinian artists who are using their talent to express identity and to advance Art development in Palestine.

Swiss Arts Council
The Arts Council is intent on providing Swiss cultural practitioners with the best possible conditions for the creation and dissemination of their works. It helps them to optimize their impact at home and abroad and fosters encounters with artists from other countries.

Pompidou Centre

Prince Claus Fund
The Prince Claus Fund is a platform for intercultural exchange. It works jointly with individuals and organisations mainly in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean on the realisation of activities and publications reflecting a contemporary approach to the themes of culture and development.

Tate Gallery

Universes in Universe
Visual arts of Africa, Asia, Latin America within the context of international art processes

The Arab World Institute (IMA)
The IMA was developed to spread knowledge of Arab culture. It has become a true cultural bridge between France and the Arab world.

The Townhouse Gallery
The Townhouse Gallery is a space for independenct arts, aimed at providing contemporary arts within Cairo, Egypt and internationally.

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