1. New York-based
British artist
Susan Fateh,
hand made paper workshop

2. Madrid-based
Sudanese artist
Rashid Diab,
discussing with
artists during his workshop at the
Darat (1996)


Workshops & Studios

Open studios and workshops can be used at no charge by local and resident artists in the fields of painting, printmaking, sculpture and other media. Artists make use of the workspaces, the technical facilities and benefit from the training opportunities.

Darat al Funun also cooperates and organizes programs with Jordanian and international institutions. The printing facility houses and uses a sophisticated press owned by The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. Several distinguished artists and specialists from abroad have spent time in residence at Darat al Funun, offering courses to help develop particular skills.

By inviting artists to work at Darat al Funun over and extended period of time, the studios generate opportunities for creative and instructional encounters. It permits the artists to explore new fields in the arts that require specialized equipment and creates a stimulating environment in which they can interact and exchange ideas.


Graphic Art
Directed by:

Rafa al Nasiri (Iraq) 1993 - 1994
Nadim Kufi (Iraqi artist based in Holland) 1993 - 1994
Mahmoud Obeidi (Iraq) 1994
Khaled Khreis (Jordan) 1995 - 1996
Rashid Diab (Sudanese based in Spain) 1996
Larry Thomas (USA) 1996
Samer Osama (Iraq) 1998

Directed by:

Amine al Basha (Lebanese) 1996
Samia Halaby (Palestinian - American)
Muhanna Dhurra (Jordanian) 2003
Nabil Shehadeh (Jordanian based in Switzerland) 2001

Guilding and paper making
Directed by:

Ashley Manning (British): Guilding and Arabesque 1995
Susan Fatteh (American): Handmade paper making 1996

Installations & Video Art
Directed by:

Nasser Soumi (Palestinian, based in France) 1996
Maha Mustapha (Iraqi based in Sweden) 2004
Ibrahim Rashid (Iraqi based in Sweden) 2004
Alexander Hahn (Swiss) 2006
Amal Keanwy (Egypt) 2007
Sama Alshaibi (Iraqi Palestinian based in USA) 2007

Summer Academy
Directed by:
Marwan Kassab Bashi (Syrian based in Berlin)1999-2003
Assisted by:
Salah Souli (Lebanese based in Germany) 1999
Fatmeh al Hajj (Lebanese) 2001
Ali Kaaf (Syrian based in Berlin) 2003

Summer Workshop 2005
Directed by: Ziad Dalloul (Syrian based in France)
Assisted by: Khaled Barakeh (Syrian)
Jordan: Ala' Younis, Diala Khasawneh, Rand Jammal, Dua'a Shteiwy
Syria: Diana Jabi, Iman Hasbani, Walid Masri, Mohamad Ali, Urwa Abu Traba




Resident Artists

Wael Shawky (Egypt)

Mona Hatoum (British Palestinian based in UK)
Ren Zch (Switzerland) - Prohelvetia
Hazem Harb (Palestinian based in Italy)
Sama Alshaibi (Iraqi Palestinian based in USA)

Sama Alshaibi (Iraqi Palestinian based in USA)
Eric Van Hove (Belgium) - UNESCO Aschberg
Christoph Rütimann (Switzerland), in collaboration with the Swiss Embassy in Amman and Prohelvetia Program
Prof. Esther Ruelfs (Germany)

Barbara Wildenboer (South Africa) - UNESCO Aschberg
Cristobal Tavera (Mexico) - UNESCO Aschberg
Alexander Hahn (Switzerland), in collaboration with the Swiss Embassy in Amman and Prohelvetia Program

Bernard Tagwerker (Switzerland), in collaboration with the Swiss Embassy in Amman and Prohelvetia Program

Mattias Zschokke (Switzerland), in collaboration with the Swiss Embassy in Amman and Prohelvetia Program

Rachid Koraichi (Algerian based in France)
Kamal Boullata (Palestinian - American)
Ethel Adnan (Lebanese - American)

Ziad Dalloul (Syrian based in France)
Said Nusseibeh (Palestinian - American)
Najia Mehadji (Moroccan based in France)
Rachid Koraichi (Algerian based in France)
Pascal Amel (French)

Himat Mohammad Ali (Iraqi based in Paris)
Faisal Samra (Saudi based in Bahrain)
Nasser Soumi (Palestinian based in Paris)
Ayyad al Nimer (Egyptian based in USA)
Rashid Diab (Sudanese based in Madrid)
Nabil Shehadeh (Jordanian based in Switzerland)

Amin el Bacha (Lebanese)
Marwan Kassab Bachi (Syrian based in Berlin)
Farid Belkahia (Morroccan)
Samia Halaby (Palestinian - American)

Hussein Madi (Lebanese)
Kamal Boullata (Palestinian - American)

Mohammad Omar Khalil (Sudanese - American)


3. Students working during an Islamic illumination workshop given by
Ashely Manning


Muhanna Durra's drawing and painting classes at Darat al Funun,
January to June 2003.

As part of Darat Al Funun's objectives for creating stimulating environments for artists to interact and exchange ideas within its studios, drawing and painting classes are being held at the Dara between the months of January and June 2003, under the supervision of Jordanian artist Muhanna Durra.

The classes are being held at the Dara's facilities on a four times a week bases, three of which consist of a practical training course, in addition to a lecture and/or film that Mr. Durra presents once a week in which he tackles different aspects of the history and theories of art in the world.

Mr. Durra said that he conducts the classes as a crash course for his students, in which they would receive the maximum training possible in the time given in the forms of academic and creative exercises. He added that he also plans to introduce different media for producing art work starting with pencil drawing to acrylics, water and oil colors. Muhanna Durra is an established Jordanian artist who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1958. He spent more than 30 years abroad where he lived in Rome, Cairo and Moscow. During this time he held many exhibitions in those capitals and many other capitals of the world. He was awarded many prestigious awards and decorations throughout his career for his artistic and cultural contributions, such as A Knight of the Holly Order of San Silvestro from the Vatican and the Kawkab decoration from his Majesty the Late King Hussein of Jordan.

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