all at 7:00 pm
"applications of some
contemporary critical
tendencies to the
Jordanian movement"
Dr.Mazen Asfour
31st aug

"Visual analysis
about sculpture"
Dr. Mazen Asfour
7th sept

"Painting and
graphic art"
sunday 14th sept.
Iraqi artist
Rafa Naseri &
Syrian artist
Ziad Dalloul
& Moroccan artist
Najia Mehadji
followed by the signing ceremony of the book
"Sur les Traces d'Empe'docle " inspired by Petra (prints Najia Mehadji, poems by Pascal Amel)

"Contemporary Arab
Art,and its particularity"
Lebanese critic
Dr.Sherbel Dagher
21st sept


all at 6:00 pm
"Donatello" 1386-1466

The First Modern
4th sept

The art of Egyptian sculptor Adam Henein
9th sept

"Symposium of Sculpture in Aswan Egypt "
11th sept

"Henry Moore: A
video Portrait"
18th sept

"Isamu Noguchi"
25th sept

2nd oct

theatre-Byzantine church
all at 8:00 pm
multi-media show entitled "Metro Pulse: a city in motion" by Tangent (Ahmad Humeid,Alaa Diab, Haitham Ibrahim and Fadi Diab)
26th aug

"Um al Rubabikia"directed by
Kifah Salama,performed
by Munira Zureiki,script by
Emil Habibi

Graphic III
prints by Iraqi
Rafa Nassiri
& Syrian artist
Ziad Dalloul, &
Moroccan artist
Najia Mehadji

Jordanian artist
Mohhamad Qaitouqa

Sculpture by Jordanian
Rajwa Ali

Contemporary Arab Artists

The Byzantine Church
paintings by children from
Zarqa. Reflections on the
problem of pollution under
the supervision of
artist Ibrahim Abu Al Rub

all at 8:00 pm
Duo Kanoon and Oud by
musicians, Faris Hammad
Yaseen, and Raid Khoshaba
Shamon, performed in the
Byzantine church.
9th sept

"The Stairs of Amman",
musical performance
Ruba Saker (guitar-piano-vocal)
Rashid al Rusan (piano)
Ashraf Saker (drum)
30th sept 


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