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Moataz Nasr, Tamara Nouri & Juman Nimri
Existential Introspection
Ica Wahbeh - The Jordan Times Weekender  

September 14, 2006

An interesting juxtaposition of artworks is on display at Darat Al Funun this fall, one of profound existential introspection that also invites reflection. Moataz Nasr, from Egypt, is a collected artist who probes deeply into human nature but also into his own soul. His two video art presentations, photo exhibition and installation are gripping. They show preoccupation with human nature and a desire to put to rest his mind about a part of his life that, it seems, it is difficult for him to come to grips with. more



Out of the Desert
Ica Wahbeh - The Jordan Times Weekender  
1, 2006

“Out of the Desert” come outstanding signs of civilisation and of lifestyle that are as enigmatic as its vast expanse of sand. It is also the apt name of the exhibition at Darat Al Funun grouping a breathtaking collection of archaeological findings (on loan from the Petra Museum, with the blessing of the Department of Antiquities), video and graphic art. more



The Wall and the Check Points
Representing Palestine in photographs & videos, Darat al Funun organizes a tightly themed exhibition
Kaelen Wilson-Goldie, Daily Star  
February 8, 2006

For the generation of Palestinians who were exiled from their land in 1948, it was the rusted key and dog-eared land deed. For the generation who lived through the first intifada in the late 1980s, it was the stone and keffiyeh. more



The Wall and the Check Points
Ica Wahbeh - The Jordan Times Weekender  
February 9, 2006

“The wall and the check points”, the exhibition on display at The Khalid Shoman Foundation - Darat Al Funun, groups five Palestinian artists who give poignant testimony of what the breaking up of Palestine means for them and the people under occupation. more

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