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A Homage to Iraqi Artists
Iraqi Artists Remembered

Mike Derderian - The Star
November 2004

An artist's death doesn't necessarily mean a parting from the world of art for having left behind a multitude of works ensures that a physical presence overshadows the tragic note of his death. Those familiar with these works and those whom have learnt from him the meaning of the word art might conspire a joint art exhibition in respect of his memory. more






Beyond 100
Artists with a Message

Ica Wahbeh - The Jordan Times Weekender  
June 2004

Maha Mustafa and Ibrahim Rashid are two intense artists who believe in art with a message. Theirs has a humanitarian dimension: Art is part of life, no different from it, and humankind should strive to reach dialogue and harmony instead of destruction and war. more



Visceral Landscapes
Sima Zureikat - JO magazine

June 2004

"Every individual is unique and special and has a story to tell. The hand speaks wordless texts, reveals anger, anguish, joy, and hope. It is a point of contact between one and the world. One uses it to exercise the creative will." more



of time & light
Jordanian arts center highlights founder's newest exhibition. Suha Shoman's "Of Time and Light" offers glimpse into oneness
with cycle of life
Peter Speetjens Special to The Daily Star
March 2004

Darat al-Funun is in many ways everything Amman is not. Located on a quiet hill overlooking the crowded Jordanian capital, the arts center is based in a restored villa complex perfectly integrated with the remains of a 6th century Byzantine church and surrounded by a green garden. As such, it gives a taste of what the city of seven hills may have looked like before its rapid urbanization in the late 20th century.



Stop the Wall
Exhibit in Amman conveys horrors of Israel's separation wall Photographs, sound effects, replicas of barrier give visitors feeling of imprisonment, suffocation experienced by Palestinians

Rana Sabbagh-Gargour Special to The Daily Star
February 2004

The horrifying illusion of a journey through prison confronts anyone visiting the first extensive exhibition on the separation wall that Israel is building on occupied West Bank land. Combining photography, sound effects, replicas of the Israeli-built double walls, medieval-style observation towers, and barbed wire ripping through seized land, the Stop the Wall exhibition, which opened in Amman on Saturday, triggers feelings of pain, anger and claustrophobia. more



Images & Words
Images & Words- Reflections of Ireland & Venice
Hada Sarhan - The Jordan Times
January 2004

Photographs by novelist and poet Ibrahim Nasrallah are currently on display at The Khalid Shoman Foundation - Darat Al Funun. The photos, depicting abstract images of reflections on water in Venice and Ireland, were taken when the novelist was in Ireland last year for a literary meeting with academic and cultural institutions organised by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Nasrallah was also the guest of honour at the Fondamenta of Venice. more

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