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Summer Academy 2003
High Art
Sima Zureikat - JO Magazine

The month-long workshops of Marwan Kasab Bashi, a Syrian artist based in Germany, which are held annually at Darat Al Funun, are gaining legendary status among young artists across the Levant. Sima Zureikat meets some of the participants to find out what all the excitement is about. more



Artists in Town
At The Crossroad between the West and Middle East, 'Artists In Town'
Anouck Bronee - Special to The Star
July 2003

A total of 12 artists from Jordan, the Mediterranean and the European Union have gathered at Darat Al Funun, to work together and to create sculptures, paintings, collages and other artistic achievements. The workshop, entitled Artists in Town, started on June 25th, and ended July 1st -
a week to meet, to work, to bond, and to create, depict a romance with the beauty of written characters and script." more



Artists in Town
EU, Mediterranean Artists Come to Capital
Hada Sarhan - The Jordan Times
June 22, 2003

Twelve artists from the European Union and the Mediterranean will spend a week together painting and attending workshops at Khalid Shoman Foundation's Darat al Funun.



The Khalid Shoman Collection
Darat al Funun Brings the Arab Art World Together

Hada Sarhan - The Jordan Times
March 2003

Jabal Luweibdeh's Darat al Funun has succeeded where politicians failed, uniting together all Arab countries together under a single roof in the name of art.

The permanent exhibition of the "Khalid Shoman Collection" features 500 works by 79 artists from Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and more via painting sculpture, prints, drawing and photography. Darat Director Ali Maher told The Jordan Times that despite the tragedies of war, people should "continue to live and share the beautiful creativity with people the whole world over."



Photos of Light
"Photos of Light"
Ghassan Joha - The Star
Jan 2, 2003

Once eyes encounter Said Nuseibeh's photo exhibition at Darat Al Funun and the Spanish Cultural Center (Cervantes Institute), they will realize the charm of light. The exhibits are thrilling, imaginative and mystic. Reminding us of the curved rainbow, Nuseibeh sees in the colored watery reflection of light as "the Divine's manifestation of nature." His photos stimulate human emotions, reveling one's thoughts about the surrounded objects. more

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