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Photos of Light
Said Nuseibeh - A Silent Poet Speaks
Hada Sarhan - The Jordan Times
December 2002

For Palestinian photographer Said Nuseibeh, the photograph is an honest medium that cannot lie as spoken and written language does. "Language is a barrier. Often times more a hindrance than a help," said the artist, adding that photos can be misinterpreted only if manipulated by computer. "Liquid and Light," currently displayed at Darat Al Funun features 36 photos of San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, grouped into two sets. more



Journey through Art
Princes Wijdan Ali - Journey through Art
Louis Ibrahim - The Star

December 2002

  Three Phases in four Decades" is the wonder that Her Royal Highness Princess Wijdan Ali takes visitors through in her exhibition at Darat Al Funun. The exhibit is more than an event of art, it almost feels like human feelings made tangible on paper. more



Painting on the Wall
Painting on the Wall
Ibtisam Awadat - The Star
October 2002

He is known for his mastery of drawing portraits, the human face and contours of the human body. These attracted him since early childhood. Aziz Amoura is one of the few Arab painters who manages to get into the inner character of his art. more



Contemporary Arab Artists
Contemporary Arab Artists 9th anniversary
Autumn Festival at Darat Al Funun
Coexisting Art At Arab Causes

By Ghassan Joha -The Star
September 2002

Lately, art in the Arab World has become a vent for artists to introduce their ideas and opinions of political developments in the region. As the late artist Jabra Ibrahim Jabra once said: " Arab artists are speaking for the nation as a whole. Their aptitude is extensive but mysterious." Such a mystery, added Jabra, reflects the Arab nations' identity and its role in developing social unity among the people. The artists of Darat Al Funun's Autumn Festival expressed their perceptions of the current Arab world in various angles. These different angles, however, explain the same concept of oppression within and of the Arab World. The festival includes two exhibitions, with the first celebrating the 9th anniversary of the Contemporary Arab Artists exhibition. more



Jumana al Husseini
Jumana Husseini, Artist's Works 'Depict A Romance With The Beauty Of Written Characters'
March 2002

Art critics believe that, in the tradition of the calligraphic art in the Arab world, art lover and artist share a mutually artistic challenge. The artist must be creative within certain norms while the art lover must show his/her ability deciphering the script; the art lover is disappointed if the calligraphy is too easy to decipher or if the artist excessively stretches the rules of the art. Palestinian artist Jumana Husseini, like many contemporary Arab artists, has initiated a new set of rules in regard to this exchange between art lover and artist. Her works, currently on display at Darat Al Funun, depict a romance with the beauty of written characters and script." more



The Arab College of Jerusalem in Pictures
Arab College Immortalised in Photo Exhibition

Hada Sarhan - The Jordan Times
February, 2002

LEBANESE WRITER Ghada Samman once said "photographs are attempts to capture a fleeting moment". 'The Arab College of Jerusalem in Pictures', a display of 42 photographs taken by several individuals trying to immortalize mementoes, depicts many momentous events of the college students and teachers. The exhibition shows photographs taken in the 1930 of the Arab College, documenting its achievements over a period extending till 1948. more

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