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Traditional Costumes from Jordan and Palestine
Silk-Embroidered dresses on display,
showcase a dying tradition

Hada Sarhan - The Jordan Times
October 22, 2001

Tradition dresses with tribal embroidery, once the proud possession of every Jordanian and Palestinian, are becoming a rarity. But for local costume collector Widad Kawar, "these dresses are part of our rich cultural heritage". "The Memory of Silk," a distinguished exhibition of more than 100 dresses from KawarÕs collection originating from Jordanian and Palestinian villages and towns, in addition to womenÕs jewelry, are currently on display at Darat Al Funun in Jabal Al Weibdeh.."



Summer Academy 2001
Darat al Funun Summer Academy
International Exhibition Paints a Sophisticated Picture
Hada Sarhan - The Jordan Times
Summer 2001

Darat al Funun is currently organizing a joint art exhibition by Marwan Qassab of Syria and Angelika von Schwedes of German as part of its fall season. The exhibition features portraits by Qassab, born in 1934 in Damascus who studied fine arts in Berlin. Qassab is one of the most important Arab artists working today, and enjoys great fame in Europe. He is considered one of the leading visual artists of Germany, and many of his works can be found in European museums.." more



100 Shaheed - 100 Lives
100 Shaheed - 100 Lives
June 2001

This project was conceptualized in mid October 2000. With the project's initial ideas, the memorial exhibit and accompanying catalogue were envisioned to be life-affirming, minimalist in nature, and to primarily address the visual and emotional senses. Further, since one of the project's goals was to give back each Shaheed his/her individuality, a few governing principles for the realization of the exhibit were set from the start." more

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