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Summer Academy 2000
Exhibition of works by participants in
Darat al Funun Summer Academy 2000

September 2000

With a keen eye on Amman, a group of young Arab artists gathered at Darat Al Funun to capture the magic of the capital on canvas. Twenty-three young artists from different Arab countries (Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and Syria) were invited by the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation to participate in the second annual "September Summer Academy" under the supervision of the Berlin-based Syrian artist Marwan Kassab Bashi; professor at the Berlin Fine Art Institute.



Contemporary Artists from Mesopotamia
Excerpts from Mai Muzzaffer's article
"Contemporary Artists from Mesopotamia"

May 2000

"... It was not until the 1940's that the modern vision found its way to the core of artistic work wherein it was conceived by its two prominent pioneers, namely Faiq Hassan and Jawad Selim with their adherents following suit. Working in unison , the two creative masters labored painstakingly not only to pave a distinctly manifest path for succeeding generations to pursue, but to bring about the concept of artistic groupings representing various Iraqi artist trends..." more



Art from the Nile
Farah Beisha
- The Jordan Times
April 3, 2000

"The Met, the MOMA, the Victoria and Albert Museum . These are the images of institutions that one conjures up upon hearing the word museum. Although Darat Al Funun "little house of arts" is small in scale, it is just as important an art institution.
Since its inception in 1993, the non-profit making Darat al Funun, with Suha Shoman at its helm, has been fostering numerous art exhibitions and artists in its quest for "the promotion of the fine arts, through the creation of cultural and creative dialogue amongst the people of the Arab world, thereby, strengthening the vitality and appreciation of contemporary Arab artists, through the use of today's visual expression, in order for the Arab arts to take its deserved place as a corner stone in the building of contemporary Arab culture". more


Contemporary Artists from Egypt
An Important Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Artists from Egypt in Jordan

Al Ahram Newspaper - Egypt
February 27, 2000

"An Important exhibition of modern and contemporary art from Egypt will open on Tuesday 7th of March, as a part of a series of exhibits held on the occasion of the third millennium and the 70th Anniversary of the Arab Bank entitled " Journey through the Contemporary Arts of the Arab World'- Artists from the valley of the Nile- This show was preceded by an exhibition of the best artists from the Arabian Peninsula and Saudi Arabia..." more



Art from the Arabian Peninsula
Art from the Arabian Peninsula
The Jordan Times
February 28, 2000

"During February, Darat Al Funun featured art from the Arabian Peninsula. The four artists displaying oil paintings - Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa, Abdul Raheem Shareef and Ibrahim Bou Saad of Bahrain, plus Yousef Ahmad of Qatar - opted for an abstract mode of expression in bold colours on large canvases. Alongside these, the graphics by Sami Mohammad of Kuwait appeared as a radical departure..." more



70th Anniversary
70th Anniversary of Arab Bank Celebrated
with Series of Exhibitions of Arab Art
The Jordan Times
January 17, 2000

"Amman - Darat Al Funun is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Arab Bank through a series of exhibitions, lectures, films and poetry readings. The main event is a series of exhibitions featuring the works of contemporary artists from the Arab World. Art critic Mazen Asfour said Darat Al Funun is aiming to acquaint the Jordanian audience with the best Arab artists and create an open dialogue among the Arabs on fine arts..." more

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