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"Labyrinth" by Salah Saouli
November 16, 1999

The "Labyrinth" by Salah Saouli is composed of a variety of transparent panels that, hanging in different angles from the ceiling, become carriers of separate images. These sheets are printed with fragmented and mutually overlapping texts, city maps, drawings, owned or collected photographs - a material that transforms itself into an open system of images offering continuously new visions and interpretations to the visitors, as they enter the iconographical labyrinth and wander on its pathways. more



Summer Academy 2000
Darat al Funun Summer Academy
From Darat Al Funun Summer 99 brochure
September 1999

With the participation of 16 young artists from Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon, the first year of Darat Al Funun Summer Academy which lasted for four weeks was launched. At the end the participants' works were exhibited and certificates were handed out to them in a celebration held on the occasion... more




Goteborg Meeting Point
Svenrobert Lundquist, director of The Konsthallen - Goteborg, Sweden
August - September 1999

You can sit at home and be content all you can venture out into the world, but be forewarned, there maybe some risking in leaving. You can encounter things that my disturb you, mentally and or physically. You may even lose your orientation, but you might also gain a plethora of new ideas. Your mind grows and you begin to ask more questions. In the field of art, you must take those risks. You must walk out on the plank of life and jump off... more


Pioneers of Jordan
Pioneers of Jordan: Mahmoud Taha
Ceramist, Exhibits at Darat El Funun
April 9, 1999

"Darat Al Funun houses today an exhibition of the ceramic works of Mahmoud Taha, a leading Jordanian ceramist and connoisseur in the art of Arab calligraphy who is renowned in the Arab world and abroad. The exhibition includes murals, flasks, glazed pottery and ceramic sculpture, all bearing calligraphy as well as regional motifs derived from architecture and crafts. more

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