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10th Anniversary
Darat al Funun: Celebrating the tenth anniversary exhibition of contemporary Arab artists
November 24, 1998

Some came out of curiosity, others homage; many just to learn. Most came to celebrate, and a few even came to purchase. On November 24, they lit up the Darat Al Funun with their enthusiasm, their curiosity and their appreciation. In turn, Darat Al Funun revealed its treasures, opened its galleries and shared its cultural achievements with the people of Amman. more



Marwan Kassab Bachi
A Spiritual Bridge to the Arab World
April, 17, 1998

"Perhaps the most famous and successful artist of the Arab Diaspora, Germany-based Syrian artist Marwan Kassab Bachi is the protagonist of a special cultural event that has taken place simultaneously in two Palestinian cities and Amman. His donation of 75 etching and watercolors to Palestine, currently exhibited at Bir Zeit University and Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center in Ramallah. was also celebrated in Amman on April 17 at Darat Al Funun by inaugurating his etching exhibition titled "A Suite of Heads." The opening was followed by Palestinian Tania Tamari Nasir's rendition of the cycle "The Miracle of Life" by Palestinian poet Jabra Ibrahim Jabra set to music by Agnes Bashir more



A Taste of Swedish Abstract Art
Darat al Funun opens its new season with
A Taste of Swedish Abstract Art
Amman Meeting Point
March 25, 1998

Darat Al Funun has opened wide its doors to welcome two Swedish artists, Hakan Rehnberg and Ann Edholm, great supporters of abstraction. Both artists fight to reach an absolute state of abstraction, one using a private vocabulary of forms, the other studying the physical reaction of the eye as it faces the work of art; yet both reach out to life experience which finally adds some Lyricism to their work..." more

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