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A Nation in Exile
Exhibition Opening and Book Signing Ceremony
November 22, 1997

Years after the initiation of this project, concieved by the Algerian artist Rachid Koraichi and Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish an exceptional exhibition of zinc etchings by Koraichi, calligraphy by Iraqi artist Hassan Massoudi, inspired by the poems of Darwish, is once again brought to life at Darat al Funun.
As a result of this creative effort, Darat al Funun published "A Nation in Exile" the text of which was written by Morrocan writter Abdel Kabir al Khatibi...




Collective Exhibition of 5O Arab Artists
Keeping Admiration Alive
Mahmoud Mufti

When the foremost 5O Arab artists from 10 Arab countries exhibit their work in a single exhibition, under one roof. more




Contemporary Arab Art
Ibrahim Alaoui

In the Arab world today, the visual arts occupy an important place in the field of creativity and artistic and intellectual exploration. They therefore have a major contribution to make to any study of the roots of creativity in contemporary Arab societies. more


Oboe and Piano
June 5, 1997

The National Music Conservatory and the US Embassy's Cultural Center sponsored oboe and piano duet at Darat Al Funun. The performance was praised by a Jordanian critic as a delightful performance with great harmony between the two instruments.


Bohemia Saxophone Quartet
The Bohemia Saxophone Quartet played in the gardens of Darat Al Funun
June 4, 1997

The quartet recite works by Leonard Bernstein. Edouard Grief. G.F. Haendeh Antonio Vivaldi. George Gershwin and other composers. Following the current trend,the ensemble will mix modern classical music with more traditional classical numbers. Indeed, one of the pieces they are to play, the 'Petitit Quartet" was written by Jean Francaix a contemporary composer born in 1912, another by Libor Drevikovsky, born in 1969, as well as performing music by Vivaldi.



Al Zabbal Play
May 27, 1997

Zabbal (a garbage collector) a play written by Syrian poet Mamdouh Odwan, performed by Naser Omar, was staged at Darat Al Funun in a new production directed by Ms. Sawsan Darwazeh. Darwazeh assigned a livelier role to the female character in the play.



Najia Mehadji
A Subjective View of the Dome
May 15, 1997

Darat al Funun is hosting an art exhibition from 13th May to 12th June, on the theme of the "dome" by the Paris-based Moroccan artist Najia Mehadji.
Mehadji's painting technique is simple,yet full of nuances.She first leaves prints on the canvas from a white-painted sheet by large arm gestures and then glues the collages previously painted in black.The glue is colored and the stains left by the pressure of the hand on the canvas are not removed,but blurred with fingers. more


Rafe' Al Nasiri
Through his book Contemporary Graphic Art
Darat Al Funun celebrated the launch of Iraqi Artist Rafe' Al Nasiri's book contemporary Graphic Art.
May 13, 1997

The book discusses the significant strides made in the area of graphic Art. The artist perfected his talents through his studies and work in Portugal. He says the Arab world has missed out on this area of art, and will need to increase its awareness of its significance today. Mr. Nasiri plans to establish a department of graphic design in the Fine Art Institute in Baghdad.



Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Amman and Arab Cities of the Future
What will they be like?
April 29, 1997

The "Aga Khan Award for Architecture" Conference, in collaboration with the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation initiated a two day seminar earlier this week at Darat al Funun amongst professionals whose skills can contribute to answering these questions.

Besides bringing together Jordanian architects with their counterparts from 10 countries across the Arab world,the meeting enabled its participants to exchange experiences with architects, not only in the Muslim world, but also in the west.

The regional dialogue concluded with a lecture by renowned London-based Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, winner of numerous international architectural competitions.


Dome of the Rock
A Glowing Photographic Perspective
May 16, 1997

A Glowing photographic perspective capturing time must be a photographer's ultimate dream. Making time stand still for posterity is the scene of creativity. Said Nuseibeh's latest photo exhibit on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, is a living tribute to a monument that lies in the heart and mind of every Muslim and Arab.

What is intriguing is the 40 brilliant images of the dome of the rock, Haram al Sharif and the Old City of Jerusalem that are on display at the Darat al Funun. They show the diversity and richness of a holy city that experienced continuing Muslim rule.

Mr. Nuseibeh's professionalism is something that comes out in the exhibition. For example, filming and developing the photographs took about 5 years.

The exhibit is rich in alot of ways. The shots of mosaics in the Al Aqsa mosque are simply breathtaking.To get a perfect view of the Qubbat Al Silsileh Nuseibeh had to lie on his back, with the camera on the tripod trying to center the chandelier" I just fidgeted, fidgeted, fidgeted till it all fitted and worked".



Al Karmal
Al Karmal Magazine
May 16, 1997

Darat Al Funun celebrated the continuation of the Al Karmal magazine in a ceremony that included its editor Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish, Darat Al Funun's Chairman Mr. Abdul Majeed Shoman and Director Ibrahim Izzedin along with an attendance of literary figures and artists. Editor Darwish spoke of a great need in the Arab world for a magazine dedicated to the culture of Arab literature and art, an area scarcely covered in today's Middle Eastern publications. Darwish echoed his intention to keep Karmal a mirror of all Arab art and literature, including Palestinian, which he added continues from the greater Arab cultural landscape. His statement is a response to criticism that Karmal's theme did not reflect Palestinian literature and art.

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