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Counting Memories - Oraib Toukan
Counting Memories
Ica Wahbeh - The Jordan Times Weekender  

May 17, 2007

Staccato shots punctuate the flowing writing. Reversing a vacuuming process, blue beads are shot out, tracing letters. It appears as if sand were blown off a surface to uncover the writing or an ink jet were shown working in slow motion, moves fascinating in themselves. As the letters are shaped in beautiful calligraphy, interest picks up, as does the tempo and the sound of shooting or of heavy rain dropping on metal (the corrugated iron roofs of houses in refugee camps?). 



Au detour du Jourdain- Farida Hamak
Throught the eye of a camera
Ica Wahbeh - The Jordan Times Weekender  

May 10, 2007

In the Blue House at Darat al Funun, Algerian photographer Farida Hamak's images from the Jordan Valley make for a refreshing sight this hot spring month.



The Arab League Cafe - Hani Alqam
Arab League Cafe
Ica Wahbeh - The Jordan Times Weekender  

April 19, 2007

The familiar sight of the Arab League Cafe downtown Amman must have left few indifferent, and even fewer affected as much as Hani Alqam, the young painter whose works, inspired by this and similar public places, are now on display at Darat al Funun. 



Amal Kenawy & Antje Majewski
Powerful Symbolism
Ica Wahbeh - The Jordan Times Weekender  

February 15, 2007

To the dramatic sounds of string instruments,
barefooted and dressed in black, Amal Kenawy makes her appearance against the dark background of the colonnaded yard of Darat Al Funun. On the dais where she seats herself is a white wedding dress on an iron dummy, some unstuck parts fluttering in the wind. 


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