With their
massive walls
and elevated ceilings, the four indoor galleries provide 250
square meters
of exhibiting
space. Bathed in
a flood of natural daylight, the galleries are
also equipped
with museum- quality track
lighting that gives each displayed
work its own distinction.

Individual exhibitions are
held simultaneously in the adjacent galleries next to a collective exhibition of a rotating selection of works by contemporary Arab Artists on
show the whole
year round.

These exhibitions permit a more in-depth look at artists recent work which can often be compared with the wider range of art on display in The Exhibition of Contemporary Arab Artists. The monthly exhibitions are usually complemented with lectures by the artists and art critics and by thematically-related programs in the preforming arts.

Since 1995 Darat al Funun has held a Summer festival which is a multi-disciplinary annual celebration of the visual and performing arts. Exhibited at this time is the work generated at Darat al Funun's own studios and works by students of the Summer Academy established since 1999 under the direction of the Berlin based Syrian artist Marwan Kassab Bachi.

New talents and imaginations are invited to participate alongside the work of established professionals. Together with the displays and installations inside and outdoors, a whole host of events is organized: Lectures, workshops, discussion groups, music, poetry, drama, films and sideshows.

Not only is the festival a summation of the years activity, where artistic achievements and expression can be enjoyed and appreciated, but also and initiation into a new year of continued inspiration and productivity.


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