Photography, 2007

Christoph Rütimann
Drawings and a Line

Christoph Rütimann, born 1955, collects cities such as Zurich, Berlin, Palermo, Seoul and Peking. He goes around by foot and has a unique perspective. Using a digital camera mounted on rollers which he drives along railings and street barricades, Rütimann records - and not documents- cities. The sounds of each city and the uninterrupted resonance of his camera's rolling wheels are fundamental to the rhythm of his film, creating a roller coaster ride towards a vanishing point in every one of the cities he visits. During his one month stay in Amman, Rütimann added Amman to his collection of cities.



Video Art Workshop
The Subjective Status of the Camera

When you deal with the camera as an object - In the work “Handrail,” the division between the objective vision of a body and the subjective human act is clearly reproduced. This workshop's central purpose is to develop an awareness and understanding of the relation between subjectivity and objectivity and of the possible shifts to be made between these two states, by means of experiences had with various artists (group-based work), where the outcome would be the creation of tangible works that tackle the aforementioned purpose. Its main aim is the liberation of the self from the common ways of using and controlling the camera, arriving at a more conscious command of the camera and of work in the video field.

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