Luminous Point
interactive dvd, video projection, 2006

"Luminous Point" & "Occurrence on Broadway & Columbus"

Alexander Hahn

September 21, 2006

Luminous Point
interactive dvd, video projection

Luminous Point is an investigation of memory - both human and artificial. Navigating per remote control, the viewers explore a digital recreation of the artist's Lower East Side tenement apartment - a virtual "wunderkammer" and archive, in which distant places and different times, personal biography and cultural history, fact and fiction all coexist just like in the mental space of memory. Effortlessly changing between microscopic and macroscopic dimensions, the visitors pass through a labyrinth of spaces, descend into subterranean worlds, lift off skywards like dreamers, free from the binds of gravity and linear time. Luminous Point seamlessly combines video and computer generated material, creating a new form of electronic work, a hybrid composed of elements from narrative and documentary video/film, computer game, virtual reality, and photography.

Occurrence on Broadway & Columbus
video floor projection

Starting point for Occurrence on Broadway & Columbus is an aerial view of a Manhattan street corner. Using computer composition, the original video is transformed into a perfectly staged choreography, where all the bustling urbanites are caught in an endless loop.

Alexander Hahn, born in Rapperswil, Switzerland, is an Electronic Media Artist who has been working in this domain of art since 1976. Hahn, member and fellow at different international art institutions, for instance the DAAD in Berlin, has been touring the world with his exhibitions, inspiring and getting inspired “I lived in Rome, Berlin, Warsaw and Zurich… in all these places I kept extensive electronic, possibly sometime soon photonic records, focusing closer on their protagonist light: in various guises, optical and physical, stimulator of senses and bringer of memory and dreams”. Hahn exhibited his electronic art at places like the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Kunsthaus Zurich, just to name a few. He also participated in international video festivals, such as the "Worldwide Video Festival" in Amsterdam, "Locarno Video Art Festival" in Switzerland, and the "Siggraph" in USA.

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